Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tournament Report

Well... no updates for a while, but this tournament got me back into FoW ;). Right now I'm just going to post a report and in a few days time I'll post some pics of the Engineers, 57mm ATG and one of the 105mm artillery batteries (Finished All painted in three weeks! Now for the basing...).

It was a one day 1250pt tournament with the missions: Encounter, Breakthrough, and Fighting Withdrawal.

My List:

US Glider Rifle Company (Confident Trained)
Source: Market Garden PDF

Company HQ – Add SMG teams, 2 Bazookas (55)

Glider Rifle Platoon – 3 Squads (170)
Glider Rifle Platoon – 3 Squads (170)

Glider Anti-Tank Platoon – 3 M1 57mm (80)
Glider Field Artillery Battery – 3 M3 light howitzers 105mm (90)
Glider Field Artillery Battery – 3 M3 light howitzers 105mm (90)
Glider Engineer Combat Platoon - 2 Operating Squads, 3 Bazookas, PSHC (205)

British Armoured Troop (2 Sherman V, 2 Sherman VC) (380) (Confident Veteran)

1250 Pts (7 Platoons)

(You'll notice my guys 'cause of a lot of incomplete basing ;))

The Tables:
Table 1
Table 2
Table 3
Table 4

  • Game 1 - Encounter vs Rudy's German Panzergrenadiers:
So here we played Encounter on table 2. Rudy's list (might not be exact):

Panzergrenadier HQ w/'faust

2-squad Panzergrenadier Platoon, 'faust
2-squad Panzergrenadier Platoon, 'faust

1 section HMG Platoon
2 PaK 40s
Scout Platoon
3 Panthers

I started on the right table edge with one infantry platoon, tanks, and the artillery off table. I Deployed one infantry platoon on my right, 57s on the center, and Engineers on my left. Rudy deployed HQ and scouts his left and the PaKs on his right and Panthers more centered.

I immediately doubled up the right side platoon and Engineers also move up to the hedge while the 57s just sat there and did nothing for the rest of the game :).
Infantry doubling up.
Engineers moving up.
He didn't do too much: Scouts move along the road ready to protect either side, and Panthers move to protect the PaKs from my Engineers.

Panthers moving to protect the PaKs.
Meanwhile the right edge platoon moves up again and the Engineers cross the first hedge.
Scouts and HQ, with their Motorcycles, move to block the right edge platoon, but are shot up and the scouts pull back. Then the Panthers come up to pin down the platoon, a turn or so later a Panzergren. platoon also comes on from reserve to further hold the platoon back, who just sat and went to ground.

Infantry moving up.
Engineers make there move and go for the wood, and immediately a Panzergrenadier platoon comes on from reserve. Back by the 57s Shermans come on, but don't get any of the action.

Engineers cross the hedge and make a move for the wood.
The Engineers make it into the wood and in the corner the HMG platoon comes on from reserve.

Engineers make it into the wood.
Engineers get assaulted by the Panzergrens, but don't get the pin getting four hits without even being pinned themselves! As in the picture not too many teams can be hit and they came back in and killed quite a few teams, and so the Panzergrens failed moral and broke off. End of the assault step they failed moral again and broke.

Engineers are assaulted and fail to get the pin.
Next the Engineers went for the PaKs and shot the first one in the rear, and then used 'Shooting was too Successful' rule to continue the assault even though they were out of 4". The PaKs were wiped out and Engineers moved up too take the objective. Even though a lot of shots came in from: Panthers, Scouts, and HMGs and being shot below half they managed to stay in to win the game: 6:1
Engineers spread out over the hill for the objective.

  • Game 2 - Fighting Withdrawal vs JC's German Panzergrenadiers:

This was the first time I had ever played Fighting Withdrawal, but had gone over the rules well before. I deployed a strong defense on the main objective and sort-of weaker as you went across (My idea was that it was usually only logical to go for the main objective), but he decided to go for the most weakly defended objective...

JC's list (From memory):

Panzergrenadier HQ (and whatever)

Panzergrenadier Platoon
Panzergrenadier Platoon

3 StuH 42s
2 Tiger 1s

My right flank deployment.
Well this began with my opponent squirming and getting all worried about the ambush with the Tigers hiding in case the little AT 10 57s were to ambush them :).

Germans move up.
The opening hits for me was TOTing the whole Panzergren platoon... the only result of the bombardment was a pin though :(.

The closest platoon gets TOTed.
Well turn three and he isn't looking too threatening yet...

The cautious German advance. 
Now a quick rush for the objective.

Finally! They make it!
Now it's just shooting and for some reason he doesn't assault me with the Tigers, but the infantry in the wood come in and after taking some of my guys out are beaten back and get charge and swamped and fall behind the hedge.

Shots flying back-and-forth.
During the messy assaulting.
Shermans come rushing around to this side of the table, and sort-of succeed in their objective: to delay (or just weaken) his assault. But at the same time go up in flames....

Shermans rush up to be whacked by the StuGs.
Now after the assault that platoon is in a mess and go to hide in the wood while another platoon comes up and the feared ambush springs up to do: Nothing :), and so next turn it gets shot too bits, but passes 'sole-survivor' and is pulled off.

The suicidal one team contesting :p.
Now they just get annoying here: I need the objective for one more turn to pull it off.

The attempt to force me to assault to contest.
So the platoon in the wood comes charging out, gets beaten up, but manages to live and contest for the objective... you could nearly hear a few cries of cheese :D. Anyway... so there went the objective.

After the failed assault :).
And now after the last attempt to kill me I'm assaulted, but at first chance pull back (failing to counter-attck anyway) and removing the objective... and the other for a victory. Although I won it was by the slightest of margins because of the lost platoons: 4:3
Just falling back as the Germans begin to despair!

  • Game 3 - Breakthrough vs Colin's German Panzers:
This is the game where I learnt that fighting Panzers with trained infantry is not a piece of cake. I kept Shermans in reserve because it became known to me that a PSHC counts as a vehicle... ridiculous! Anyway didn't affect me too much here.

Colin's list:

HQ, 2 Panzer IVs

4 Panzer IVs
4 StuG IVs

3 Marder 3 Ms
Panzerspah whatever-you-call-it Patrol

Some deployment:
 and some more...
The Germans.
First turn all we do pretty much is double for the objectives....

Double for the objectives!
And make it there...
On the objectives
Then the artillery are shot up and assaulted by the Panzer IVs, but the command team lived and passed 'sole-survivor' to be pulled off.

Be wiped out by the Germans!
All waiting for the attack...
Now here was the biggest mistake I made in the game: I spread out  instead of digging in....

The big mistake...
Of course it has to happen: reserves come on first turn to punish my mistake.

Now for the first really good bit  unsuccessful reserve-ambush: both Fireflies missed and only 1 75mm hit (luckily killing a Panzer IV).

The reserve ambush!
So the returning fire of the Panzers and Marders killed two and bailed another. Next turn the bailed-out tank refused to remount and the remaining 75 didn't kill anything.

The results of failure...
At another angle.
The StuGs came in for the assault and took out a lot of teams, and in response we got one of them...

Charged by the StuGs.
Killed by the StuGs.
We got one!
Now for our last stand against the StuGs: beaten down to one base and later failing platoon moral.

The last stand.
Not my favourite game of the tournament: 1:6

Oh well :) here's the results:

Rex (AKA CdlT, my brother) - 7th Armoured Squadron: 6-1, 6-1, 5-2 = 17 Pts 
JC - German Panzergrenadiers: 6-1, 3-4, 6-1 = 15 Pts
Nick - Free French: 6-1, 6-1, 2-5, = 14 Pts
Colin - German Panzers: 1-6, 6-1, 6-1 = 13 Pts
Me - US Glider Rifle: 6-1, 4-3, 1-6 = 11 Pts
Dave - 7th Armoured Squadron: 1-6, 1-6, 5-2 = 7 Pts
Rudy - German Panzergrenadier: 1-6, 1-6, 2-5, = 4 Pts
Ian - German Grenadiers: 1-6, 1-6, 1-6 = 3 Pts

Congrats to Rex (CdlT) for winning and to everyone who just made the time to participate, and also to Nick for organising the whole thing.

You can also see CdlT's report on this: Here

Sorry for the late report: I have been busy lately (with non-Wargaming stuff).
Hope you all enjoy ;)


Friday, March 11, 2011

Romanian Test Figures

Hi everyone here I have my first Romanians test figures painted. I have decided to paint them without army painter and by layers! So far IMO they are looking much better. These two figures are fairly similar, but some slightly different colours for the uniform shadow and the leather highlight etc. I shall be using the colour scheme on the riflemen as I think he does look slightly better. Please note that they haven't been varnished yet this is still a wip.

Thanks for looking and I hope you all like them.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gondorians vs Easterlings

A while ago my brother and I decide to have a game of LotR. We only played a small game.

1 Easterling Captain w/Halberd
8 Easterlings w/Shield
4 Easterlings w/Bow
4 Easterlings w/Shield and Spear

1 Orc Captain w/Shield
4 Orcs w/Shield
4 Orcs w/Spear
1 Orc w/thw


1 Captain of Dol Amroth w/Shield
8 WoMT w/Shield
4 WoMT w/Spear
1 Banner

3 Clansmen of Lamedon
4 Knights of Dol Amroth

The deployment and Battlefield:

Both armies march toward each other:

The Orc on the flank is charged and taken out by the Gondorians:

Both armies nearly in combat and the archers charge in to attack the Gondorians who charged the Orcs:

Both armies charge into combat and the formations get messed up with quite a few Orcs are taken out in the first charge, but somehow NO Gondorians!

Everyone again charges in again:

Still no Gondorians are falling:

Still only Orcs and Easterlings falling and the Gondorian Captain is in the middle impossible to take out as he keeps rolling sixes:

The Orcish Captain is surrounded by four Gondorians, but for the next coule of turns holds all of them off:

The Easterling numbers are rapidly decreasing and the Gondorians just won't die!

The Orcish Captain kills an enemy and has only three more to deal with!

Suddenly the Easterlings refuse to die and also pass moral for all but one, and the Orc Captain uses 2 Might and 1 Fate to pass his Moral! While Gondorians are begin to fall away rapidly!

But still Easterlings are slowly dieing and are now surrounded.

But then one more Gondrian fell and they all failed moral around the Captain and fled :) so the last two remaining took out the Orcish Captain, but were then charged and eliminated by the remaining Easterlings!
A very close battle which sent my brother off complaining that the Moral rules are broken. So another victory for the Easterlings :D!

Hope you have all enjoyed this.